About Us

We are a friendly group of Archers welcoming beginners and veterans alike.

Members currently shoot:-

Recurve  The type of bow seen at the Olympics

Compound  Hi tech mechanical bows

(Also being used in target competition these incorporating telescopic sights and trigger release aids)

Longbow Robin Hood/Agincourt style, wooden bows


Depending on the  time of year we shoot at different locations:

  • Our indoor venue is at Thornwood Village Hall where we shoot on a Wednesday evening from 7pm until 10pm during the winter months. (mid September to mid April).

  • Our outdoor venue is at Roydon Primary School where we shoot Sundays all the year round from approx 12.30pm until dusk. It is possible to start earlier than this if desired.

From mid April to mid September our club nights are Wednesday and Fridays evenings at Roydon Primary School from 5.30pm until dusk.

There is a annual membership fee set by the club committee each year which is pro rata from September 1st in the first year, there are no other charges, unlike many clubs we do not charge shooting fees every time an Archer shoots.

We welcome visiting archers, there is a guesting fee of £5 per session and your GNAS membership card will need to be shown at the time.

There are tea, coffee and biscuits provided when we are shooting indoors. We also have a Halloween, Christmas & Easter Shoot indoors to add a bit of fun to the cold dark winter months.

Equipment may be borrowed, subject to availability, for up to 3 months on a Wednesday evening if necessary.

A piece shown on Harlow TV  in 2017 interviewing and talking about the club.

We also have a friendly online community at   facebook.com/harlowbowmen/